Why People Love Pea Ridge, Arkansas

Pea Ridge, Arkansas, is located just south of Bentonville and northwest of Pulaski. Pea Ridge’s name comes from a mixture of the local physical location, on the eastern slope of a mountain, around the crest of a beautiful old mountain, and down the east slope of one of Arkansas’ most historic counties. There is a variety of wildlife and natural attractions within this park. This area is perfect for Arkansas travel during all seasons because there is year-round entertainment at many Pea Ridge, Arkansas, Attractions. Further facts about Bentonville, AR can be found here.

Wildlife viewing is one of the major attractions to do in Arkansas, especially if you love to hunt and trap. There are many locations in Pea Ridge where you can go to look at wildlife. There are the Black Mountain and the Mountain Pine Loop; both offer spectacular views of the mountains and the surrounding countryside. Other popular wildlife destinations include the Big Creek Wetland Center and the Mountain Laurel and Pheasant Run State Park. These areas are home to some of Arkansas’ most famous wildlife, including deer, turkeys, wild chickens, bighorn antlers, and moose. Pea Ridge, Arkansas, is a charming and historic town that provides many outdoor activities, fine dining, and many attractions. Discover facts about The Pea Ridge, Arkansas Destinations That’s Right For You.

Pea Ridge, Arkansas, is a popular spot for Arkansas travel during all seasons and is the perfect place to visit if you like the outdoors and like family-oriented recreation. This area is very family-oriented and offers many attractions for those families that want to camp and go hiking. The Blue Ridge Parkway area is the best place to find restaurants that offer the outdoor eating enjoyed by people throughout the world. You will not find an Arkansas vacation with as much variety and appeal as this park has to offer.