Using Foam Brushes to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

When you are getting sick of trying to clean the paint out of your brushes, you start thinking about those disposable foam brushes you saw at the hardware store.  Would they be ok to use when painting kitchen cabinets? Find further facts here.


Foam brushes can be used to paint kitchen cabinets. They are very convenient since you just throw them away at the end of the day.  They don’t leave brush marks and generally put on a good enough finish. But they do take some practice to use them effectively.  Read about Life Hacks For Painting Kitchen Cabinets here.

Bristle Brushes

Even so, you may want to choose a bristle brush anyway.  You can get an angled bristle brush that will help you get into the grooves of cabinet doors and will paint the edges more easily.  Water-based paints tend to be thick, so a stiffer bristle type brush will work well for cabinet painting.  Water-based paints also look good if you use a 100% nylon brush.  


With a thick brush, you can hold more paint.  But unfortunately, putting on too much paint in one coat does not produce a good final product.  Painted cabinets look best when several thin coats are applied.  Thin coats are easier to apply with a thin brush.