Using a Brush to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners who want to upgrade their kitchen often choose to repaint their cabinets.  As they look for information on how to do it, they find that brushing on the paint is not a good idea. Learn information about Bentonville, AR here.

Brush Marks

The number one reason homeowners should not use a brush to paint their kitchen cabinets is that brushes leave brush marks.  There is a reason why professional cabinet painters use spray guns.  Sprayed on paint can’t leave brush marks and leaves a finish that looks like a new cabinet.  Discover facts about Finding Enough Money for a Kitchen Remodel.

Avoiding Brush Marks

If a homeowner can’t afford to buy a spray gun, there are some ways to cut down on the brush marks when using a brush.  

Avoiding brush marks begins with buying the right brush.  It’s important to get a brush that fits your hand. Secondly, try to find one with natural bristles.  That will cut down on the brush marks.  Also, you need to fan through the new brush a few times.  There are usually loose bristles that will fall out when brushes are new.  

The second most important tip is to put on less paint.  You are sure to leave brush strokes if your paint is too thick.  Better yet, call the professionals!