Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

There are lots of aggravating issues that can come up when people are painting.  Sometimes there are ways to keep from getting annoyed. See more here.

Paint Brushes

Some people swear that you can keep brushes from going stiff by using this tip.  First, make sure the brush is thoroughly clean and rinsed with clean water.  Put about a half cup of fabric softener into a gallon of water. Swish your brush around in this solution for about ten seconds, and then hang the brush on a peg to dry overnight. See here for information about What Paint to Use in Painting Kitchen Cabinets.

Another tip is to simply not clean the brush each day.  Wrap it up carefully in plastic wrap so no air can get to it.  The next day just start right up where you left off. 


And speaking of plastic wrap, painters use it for keeping drips off awkwardly shaped objects – like an oddly shaped kitchen sink.  It’s easy to use the kind of plastic wrap that is designed to seal around a bowl.  When finished painting, it’s easy to just unwrap the object.


When you start painting, keep a pack of Q-tips handy.  When you accidentally drip on your hardwood floor, grab one and get rid of the drip quickly before it soaks in.