Risks of DIY Cabinet Painting 

Motivated DIY individuals will look for any slight opportunity and reason to do cabinet painting by themselves. While this is usually an excellent way to improve skills and save costs, it comes with a few setbacks. Regardless of how seasoned an individual is in DIY skills, matching professional prowess is near impossible—some of the risks associated with DIY cabinet painting include. Find more information here.

It’s time and energy-consuming

It takes a long time to paint cabinets in a way that looks professional, streak-free, and solid. You must remove everything, label, sand, prime, tape, paint everything, allow it all to dry completely, paint everything more – and then you reverse the process to put it all back again. See here for information about How to Prepare for Cabinet Painting.

You May Get it Wrong.

Before you even think about repainting your cabinets, make sure they can be repainted in the first place. If cabinets/doors are warped, chipped, or damaged – a fresh coat of paint will look better, but flaws may become even more evident. Also, cabinets with dramatic grain patterns can be impossible to paint if you want to hide grain detail completely. The reality is that no matter how careful you are, DIY cabinet paint is never as durable as its professional counterpart.