Reasons Not to Use Oil-Based Paint to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

You probably don’t have to be convinced to use latex paint when you paint your kitchen cabinets.  But you may be tempted to try oil-based paints because you’ve heard of the great results you can get with oil-based paints. If you talk to professional cabinet painters, they will probably tell you that you can get good results with either one – by only if you are a professional.  It depends on your experience as a painter. Find more information here.

The Past 

Traditionally, oil-based paint was all we had.  It was made by suspending pigments in oil and then thinning it out with solutions like mineral spirits.  This produced a very durable surface that was always considered the best for use on cabinets. See here for information about Oil and Latex.

But when we became environmentally aware, we found out that oil-based paints are high in VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds.  These compounds are actually dangerous to breathe.  VOCs are also harmful to the ozone.

More important to the homeowner is the fact that you have to use mineral spirits to clean up anything.  You can’t clean your brushes or your hands or your mistakes with water.  And we haven’t even mentioned the smell.  Those VOCs are not only toxic, but they smell awful.