Questions to Ask Your Cabinet Painting Contractor

Before settling on any cabinet painting contractor, it is an excellent idea to assess the type and level of deal you are getting into. The truth is many are the contractors who will promise you excellent results but never realize this when the time comes. As such, one of the best ways to assess whether you will get a top-notch service or not is to ask some of these questions. Click here for facts about Bentonville, AR.

Do You Have a Portfolio I Can Look At?

The best way to decide if a company is worth working with is to look at their past work. Ask for their portfolio or examples of projects they’ve done. Most reputable companies will have a lot of photos you can view online. The very best will have samples they can bring to your home upon request.  If you like the colors, textures, and finishes they used on other projects, they’ll be the right fit for your renovation. Click here to read about How to Hire Cabinet Painting Contractors.

Are You Insured?

Before you let anyone work on your property, you need to make sure they have valid insurance in place. Most contractors provide their liability coverage. This way, if anything gets damaged while they work, their insurance covers the cost of repairs. Without the insurance policy, your homeowners’ coverage would have to pay for damages.