Painting Cabinets without Primer

When people try to paint their kitchen cabinets on their own, they often want to skip the primer.  There are so many things a homeowner has to do to get ready to actually apply paint; they want to find a way to speed it up a little.  So, they skip the primer.  But is that wise? More about Bentonville, AR can be seen here.

What do the Pros Do?

Professional cabinet painters would never paint cabinets without primer.  They know the importance of using primers.  They know the end result will look much better. They also know that the pros avoid those all-in-one primers and paint products.  Click here to read about Prepping to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets.

In fact, what does the best job is an oil-based primer and oil-based paint.  However, in many states, oil-based paints have been outlawed because of environmental concerns.   

If you have some old oil-based primer laying around that you would like to use on this job, don’t do that.  Painting with latex over oil doesn’t work.  Latex doesn’t stick right when you use it over oil because the two different layers expand and contract at different rates.  This causes the paint to crack and peel.

So, you need to either call a professional cabinet painter and be sure of getting a beautiful result, or be sure you use primer.