Osage Mills, Arkansas – A Brief Interesting History

Osage Mills, Arkansas, is a small community located in Osage County in the state of Arkansas. It is a centrally located Arkansas community about ten miles from the city of Rogers. This mill, located at the confluence of three rivers, has been in operation since 1825 and continues to trade with today’s world. It is home to about one-hundred residents who own this small townsite and nearly one-hundred acres of land for agricultural purposes. Osage Mills, Arkansas, is a place of natural beauty where you can relax, have fun, play and enjoy a unique shopping experience. Information can be found here.

Osage Mills was originally a trading post built by ironworkers to market the products produced at the mills. The original brick mills have been replaced by modern conveniences such as running water and sewer systems. This industrial area is about one-hundred feet from the Osage River and about two miles from the Ozark Mountains. Read about Where to Go on Your Next Trip to Lowell, Arkansas here. 

The most notable river upon which this mill site rests is the Osage River which carries a freshwater supply for Osage Mills and a portion of the Arkansas River and its tributaries. The park area contains a natural ecological area and nine picnic areas, two major tree areas, and several trails ideal for hiking and biking. There are also several boat launches in the area to access the Osage River and the downtown area. The Osage Mills, Arkansas, the site has seen continuous growth over the years, and several new businesses have recently begun operating in the area bringing additional income to the community.