Oil and Latex 

Although many professional cabinet painters use oil-based paints because they are experienced with the application, most people trying to paint cabinets on their own will be using latex paints.  Professional painters know that oil-based paint will give an outstanding result, but learning how to paint with oil takes practice to produce a professional result that will stand up to years of hard use.  Discover more about Bentonville, AR here.


There are two different kinds of latex paints to use when you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets. One is a 100% acrylic formulation.  This formulation gives better durability and sticks better.  The other type is a vinyl acrylic formulation.  When you go to buy your paint, check out which kind you are buying. If it’s not 100% acrylic, then it will leave a chemical odor like oil paint.  Discover facts about Do I Really Have to Buy New Kitchen Cabinets.

Another consideration when using latex paint is the fact that latex paints take a lot longer to fully cure.  Latex paint dries to the touch faster, but it isn’t cured. Latex paint can take up to three weeks longer to fully cure.  The reason this is a problem is that when the paint is still curing, it can be damaged.  Accidentally banging some dishes into the cabinet will leave dings in the paint.