Make the Most of Your Trip to Hiwasse, Arkansas

Hiwasse, Arkansas, is a former plantation settlement, now known as a town of about nine hundred people located northwest of Little Rock. Hiwasse is an unincorporated town on Benton County’s map. The original settlements for farming began in the eighteen hundreds in Arkansas. The first building of a bank in Benton County was around the same time. Learn more facts here.

Hiwasse is a popular destination for those Arkansas boat owners who like to take out their boats on the Arkansas River and the surrounding areas. They usually catch fish and cut their catches, and then go on to another fishing hole. Many of these boat owners have spent years keeping the town tidy and keeping the roads safe and clean. Also, there are many great restaurants and pubs in the Hiwasse area. There are even a couple of parks located within the town. The Hiwasse, Arkansas, river is an Arkansas river that travels through many small townships along its path. One of these lakes is West Prong Little Pigeon River. It is a popular fishing and camping destination for those who enjoy camping in the outdoors. There are some beautiful rivers and lakes in the area.  Read about Highfill, Arkansas Has Everything You Need here. 

The Arkansas Information Highway System (AIS) provides detailed information about all Arkansas counties, cities, schools, public safety facilities, and county government websites. It is a great way to find any type of information you need. However, if you know of another website with more current and up-to-date information about Hiwasse, we would advise that you use it to search for this town. There is no better place to look for the information you need than on the Internet. There is no reason to get mixed up or confused about where to go or what to do.