Lowell, Arkansas – A Splendid Travel Destination

Lowell, Arkansas, is located right in the heart of eastern Arkansas, about two hours east of Little Rock. Lowell is a beautiful city in Benton County, Arkansas. Founded on the Ozarks River, the original settlement was on Old Farm Road in the 1840s, while later destroyed during the Civil War. The present-day city is one of the most beautiful in Arkansas, and it is trendy among tourists who come to see the old downtown and country scenes. Learn more here.

Many tourists who come to this lovely town do so in part because it is home to some of the finest hiking trails and hiking clubs in the United States. Also, because of the beautiful scenery found in this area, it is considered one of Arkansas’s most well-known towns. Many museums in this town and heritage hotels, historical landmarks, old homes, and many other attractions. This historic town has an active community of people interested in preserving their heritage. Lowell is served by numerous hotels, motels, cabins, bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and recreational centers. There are also many recreation options, including hunting, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, fishing, and horseback riding. The winter calendar offers some good skiing but is best avoided in the summer months. Lowell, Arkansas, is an Arkansas destination that has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy a quiet weekend at the beach or some horseback riding through the mountains, there is something for everyone in Lowell, Arkansas! See here for information about Little Flock, Arkansas – Life Outdoors.

Because of the beautiful atmosphere that is found in Lowell, Arkansas, many people choose to relocate to this charming area. Lowell is also rich in history. One of the most notable figures from this town who may have ties to the famous writer Hemingway is Russell Brannaman, who may also have fought in the Civil War. There are many great theaters and museums in the area, such as the Lowell Historical Society and the Lowell Opera House. There are also numerous annual festivals held in Lowell, and many events, including boat launches, outdoor concerts, art shows, and more, are held in this gorgeous town.