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Little Flock, Arkansas, is located in northern Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains. Little Flock is now part of the communities of Benton and Rogers. The original settlement of Little Flock was founded by forty-one free African American men who were escaping from the aces slave plantations in Arkansas. The settlement later became a famous summer home and later became Little Flock. Today, it is known for its summer tourism and recreational activities. Visit this link for Bentonville, AR facts.

Little Flock’s original name was “Leaves’ worth Creek,” and it was established to raise livestock. Little Flock was named after the owner’s wife, who helped the pioneers start a market and grow crops. Little Flock was a location that welcomed many settlers during the Arkansas pioneer. It was a very well-planned community because most people knew each other. There was a post office, stores, schools, saloons, a hospital, a blacksmith shop, a general store, a doctor, a minister, a state church, a fire hall, a blacksmith shop, and a tavern. Discover facts about Explore The Traditional Southern Charm of Little Flock,  Arkansas.

Little Flock, Arkansas, is known for many attractions, including the Historic Arkansas Hotel, Grand Circle Golf Course, historic gardens, the Old State Penitentiary, the Rosewood Beech Farm, the Ozark Mountains Wildlife & Tourism Authority, and the Little Rock National Heritage Area. There are also many attractions like the Arkansas Genealogical Garden, the St. John’s River Walk, and the Frawley Historical Society Museum. Little Flock, Arkansas, is also famous for its duck hunting.