Hybrid Enamel Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

Over the past few years, paint researchers have developed a different kind of paint called hybrid enamel.  This paint is a fusion of oil paint and latex paint, and it’s an amazing development in the painting industry.  Look here for more about Bentonville, AR.

Not Latex and Not Oil

The science behind this paint is remarkable.  The pigment in the paint is an oil molecule surrounded by water molecules.  When the water molecules evaporate, it leaves behind the oil molecule – together with that great-looking durable oil finish.  Click here to read about Reasons Not to Use Oil-Based Paint to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets.

Another excellent feature of this hybrid enamel is that it can be cleaned up with water, just like latex.  Brushes, hands, and mistakes clean up without mineral spirits. 

You can purchase hybrid enamel in any sheen, but semi-gloss and satin are your best bet for use on cabinets.  Cabinets need paint that can stand up to heavy daily wear and tear.  The more sheen a paint has, the more durable it is. 

Some manufacturers offer a hybrid enamel that doesn’t require primer or sanding. Since the paint has very little oil in it, the odor is also very low. Hybrid enamels also don’t yellow as much over time.

Many hybrid enamels will be fully cured in about five days so that people don’t have to worry about damaging the finish.