How to Prepare for Cabinet Painting 

Like most projects, how you prepare for a cabinet painting project goes a long way. Whether you are doing it yourself or contracting an expert, it is essential to prepare where the work will be done and the cabinets. Always do the following. Discover more about Bentonville, AR here.

Assess the Cabinetry Condition

Determine the condition of your cabinets. Surfaces that are already painted can be repainted if the existing paint is in good condition. If not, the old paint will need to be removed. Stripping products are available that make this process easy. Please apply with a brush, wait for the stripper to react with the old paint, then use a plastic scraper to peel it away. Discover facts about the Benefits of Hiring Local Cabinet Painting Contractors.

Empty the cabinets

Since you’ll be sanding later, which might get dusty, remove the doors, drawers, and hardware. As you remove the doors and drawers, label them so you can reinstall them in the rights spots. Place the hardware in a plastic bag or cup and label where it goes.

Clear the Area

Clearing the area around the cabinets is an excellent way to realize the best from the project. You don’t want paint spilling on your valuables, and you don’t want the painters to be stoppling over things while working. Remove any furniture or any other thing on the way.