For the Best Results When You Repaint Your Cabinets

There are lots of mistakes you can make when you paint your own kitchen cabinets.  Here a few ideas that can keep you from making those mistakes. Visit this link for Bentonville, AR facts.


If you’ve done your homework, you know you have to sand before you start painting your cabinets.  That sanding is going to make dust.  Now you have to get rid of that dust before you begin to paint.  You can use a painter’s tack cloth, and you can use a vacuum, but the dust has to go. If you skip this step, your finished doors will be gritty and look like you painted over the top of the sand. Discover facts about Don’t Skip the Sanding When you Paint Kitchen Cabinets.

Saw Horses

You’ve already removed the doors from the cabinets because you know how important it is to perform that step.  But now you can’t lay them on the kitchen table and paint them.  They need to be painted on sawhorses so that you can paint the sides and the corners and the edges.  If you don’t elevate them like that, it’s about impossible to paint the edges.

Do Your Research

Research the proper kind of paint to use when painting cabinets.  It’s too easy to pick the wrong paint and then have to do the whole job repeatedly.