Factors Influencing Cabinet Painting Color

The color you choose when painting your cabinets speaks a lot. Apart from merely wanting the best out of the project, it would be helpful to consider these factors to guide you when selecting the best color. Clicking here will deliver more on Bentonville, AR.

Consider Size

Do you have a big kitchen or a small kitchen? Is it well lit? These questions are important because the color of your cabinets can either enhance or oppress your kitchen. A small or under-lit kitchen will benefit from lighter kitchen cabinets, while dark cabinets will work fine in a bigger, well-lit space. Information about Choosing the Right Paint When Considering Cabinet Painting can be found here. 

The Contrast

Using contrast to your advantage can work well when you’re choosing a kitchen cabinet color. The contrast created when black cabinets are paired with a light kitchen design is beautiful. Gray or dark brown kitchen cabinets also look stunning when contrasted with light kitchen design.

Future Plans

Sometimes, it’s impossible to know how long you’ll live in your home. But if there’s any chance you could be selling your home soon, stick with neutral colors so your home will appeal to a broader audience.

Cabinets Styles

You can often make the decision easy on yourself by using your cabinet’s design style as your guide. If you have a traditional kitchen, classic colors like creams and whites will almost always look beautiful. Likewise, Shaker and Arts and Crafts styles will work well with bright whites and subdued creams.