Don’t Skip These Steps When You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Busy moms and dads want to spruce up their kitchens, but they barely have enough time to get everything done now.  The best idea, of course, is to hire professional cabinet painters who will take care of the whole thing from start to finish and produce beautiful cabinets. Clicking here will deliver more on Bentonville, AR.


But if you are determined to do it yourself, don’t skip this step.  You must take off all the doors, pull out the drawers, and remove all the hardware and hinges.  It’s so tempting to just grab a brush and dive in.  But you’ll be sorry. Information about Managing Expectations About Repainting Kitchen Cabinets can be found here.

If you leave the doors on, you will inevitably get paint on the hinges.  When the paint dries and you open the door, the paint in the hinges will crack and flake off and look terrible.  Then you are stuck trying to clean up that mess.  


This is a step that people want to skip and one that will cost a lot of time later.  When you take off a door, label exactly where that door goes.  The doors can’t just be interchanged.  If you need to, make a diagram and number each door so that they go back in the same place they came out of.