Don’t Skip the Sanding When you Paint Kitchen Cabinets

You’ve probably got tons of people telling you that you really don’t have to sand the cabinets before you paint them.  Don’t fall for that!  The sanding might just be the best thing you do. See further information here.

Why We Sand

You figure that you’ve spent a lot of time thoroughly cleaning your cabinets before you start.  You’ve got all the dirt and soap scum and cooking grease off the cabinets, so why on earth do you have to sand them?  Learn more about Don’t Skip These Steps When You Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets.

You have to sand cabinets because you want the paint to stick. it’s a fact that paint won’t stick to shiny surfaces.  You don’t want the paint to crack and peel.  Your goal in sanding is to take the luster off the cabinets.  That shine is there to keep stuff from sticking to it.  The shine is there so that the cabinets can be washed and so that specks of food don’t make stains.    

If you want your new paint to stick, then get rid of the shine.  Start out with fine-grit sandpaper and see if it removes the shine.  If your cabinets are still shiny, then go to a 200 grit paper.  Sand until all your cabinets are dull.