Do I Really Have to Buy New Kitchen Cabinets?

Sometimes when a professional painting company comes in to give you an estimate on repainting your kitchen cabinets, they may have bad news.  Sometimes cabinets cannot be repainted.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens.   More facts can be seen here.


Back in the day, many kitchen cabinets were made with a thin veneer placed over particleboard. It looked pretty when the house was new, but it’s not a good cabinet.  Over time, this veneer will delaminate – it will break off in chunks and splinters from the door.  Or it will splinter and break off in pieces from the drawer fronts.  Learn more about What does De-Glossing Cabinets Mean.

This is not something that you can sand out. You might think you can sand down to try to level it out.  Doesn’t work.  The veneer just keeps chipping away.  

Particleboard doors can also warp.  If one or more of your doors is warped, again, there is nothing you can do. They can’t be unwarped. 

Another thing particleboard does over time is that it just plain fails.  The shelves can start sagging under the weight of the dishes.  Sometimes they even break.  Also, the places where the shelves are attached to the cabinet walls can crumble.

There simply are times when you have to buy new cabinets.