Centerton, Arkansas – A Historical Travel destination

Centerton, Arkansas, a small mountain town of less than ten square miles, is one of the northwest Arkansas destination towns that attract thousands of travelers annually. Centerton, located just west of Bentonville in Arkansas, is now a quiet suburban destination town. However, Centerton is still a thriving economy that provides plenty of job opportunities to residents even with its smaller size. Centerton was initially a flour and sugar manufacturing center until the late twentieth century when it was purchased by Walt Disney and his business partners, which later became worldwide Disney. Centerton is still known as a valley town because of its apple and other apple-related products all over the town. Discover more about Bentonville, AR here.

Centerton’s most well-known landmark is its Appleseed Farm, an old frame building once a year-round resort. Centerton was chosen as the first Apple School site in Arkansas, which is still in use today. Centerton was also the home of the world-famous Alice C. James, who wrote several books about traveling and the Southwestern States, most notably “The Ballad of Tilley.” Centerton is also where the Blue Ridge Parkway begins, so if you plan a trip to North Carolina or Georgia, your first stop should be Centerton, where you will have a chance to take in this natural wonder. Discover facts about Centerton, Arkansas – A Wonderful Place to Visit.

Centerton is a convenient escape for those who want to see some of the Blue Ridge Mountains’ beautiful scenery. Many tourists drive through the town during their visit to North Carolina, as it is only about a three-hour drive away from the Raleigh area. Centerton is also close to several other famous cities and tourist attractions. Those who stay in the place remain in the vacation rental homes available in the area. The Centerton town logo represents this small mountain town’s heritage and a reminder of the rich history that comes with the Blue Ridge Mountains.