Can Dark Colored Cabinets Be Repainted?

Many homeowners would like to spruce up their kitchen.  Many have grown tired of their black or navy blue cabinets.  Perhaps they would like an all-white kitchen, or at least cabinets that are a pale gray.  Is this even possible? Professional cabinet painters can take care of this problem for you.  Dark cabinets require more prep than other cabinets, but they can be painted over. Visit this link for more information.


This is a time when applying primer becomes even more critical.  On the market today, you can find shellac-based primers that dry without brush marks.  Brush marks are more of a problem with oil-based primers.  When starting with dark-colored cabinets, it may take two coats of primer to give the cabinets a good base.  Read about Painting Cabinets without Primer here.

Many primers are transparent.  When you are going from black to a much lighter color, one of the trade tricks is to have the primer tinted to a color close to the final paint color.  Before applying the paint, many professionals recommend a light sanding of the primer coat.  Then wipe that off with a tack cloth.  

It’s Possible 

You don’t have to live in a dark kitchen if you are tired of it.  Contact a local professional cabinet painting contractor and enjoy a new look.