Cabinet Painting in Bathrooms

Don’t forget when you are doing a bathroom makeover that you will need to either buy new cabinets or save some money and have your bathroom cabinets repainted by a reliable local professional cabinet painting contractor.  More can be found here.


The vanity under your bathroom sink is a huge part of your bathroom décor.  You can’t just update the tub and the shower and walls without also updating your bathroom cabinets. Learn more about Can All Cabinets be Repainted.

If a homeowner chooses to repaint the bathroom vanity, they need to be very careful in their choice of paints.  Remember that a bathroom suffers from high humidity, so you have to buy paint that can stand up to that.

Before repainting the bathroom vanity cabinet, it’s vital that you clean it thoroughly.  All that humidity traps a lot of soap scum on the cabinets.  You’ll be surprised at what comes off.

When the surfaces are totally dry, use wood filler to fill any holes or deep scratches, and be sure that the filler dries thoroughly before sanding off the excess.  Then apply your first coat of primer.  A primer in the bathroom is vital.  

An excellent professional painting company can tell you to let every coat be totally dry before getting into a big rush to put on another coat.