Bentonville, AR is the City for Group Trips

Adventurous Activities for Group Fun in Bentonville, AR

Are you planning on traveling to Bentonville with your friends or the larger extended family? If so, then the town features an array of activities that you can pursue together for that ultimate thrilling and exciting moment imaginable. Information concerning Bentonville, AR can be discovered here.

War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake 

Take groups on a subterranean adventure inside War Eagle Cavern, a cave featuring expansive natural rooms, beautiful rock formations, ancient fossils, and even an underground stream. The wide walkways, abundant railings, and lack of stairways make this excursion easily accessible for all fitness levels. Information about Bentonville, AR is an Indoor Fun Hub can be found here. 

Paddle with SUP Outfitters

For a more active outdoor adventure, bring your group to Beaver Lake for a couple of hours of stand-up paddle boarding with SUP Outfitters. This easy-to-learn water sport is a great way for visitors to try something new and experience the natural beauty of the Bentonville area while getting a much-needed break from work.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Within this unique indoor-outdoor setting museum, your group will enjoy American artwork and the beauty of nature. Inspire your groups with one of the numerous guided tours, which cover an array of options such as collection highlights, the outdoor art trail, or even a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Bachman-Wilson House