Bentonville, AR is an Indoor Fun Hub

Glamorous Indoor Fun Activities in Bentonville, AR

Finding a city with vast indoor fun spots is hard. And while many at times this may bring great inconvenience during a holiday, some cities perfectly take care of this. Meaning, to just anyone looking for fun-filled indoor spots to have fun, Bentonville tops the list as one of the towns with the best. With this, even on rainy days or any bad weather, the whole family will rest easy knowing their needs are perfectly catered for. Some of them include: Find further facts here.

Bentonville Bowling Center

Bentonville Bowling Center is an alcohol and smoke-free family-oriented bowling alley. They feature 20 lanes, automatic bumpers for kids, and automated scoring. Bentonville Bowling has leagues for all ages and levels, including daytime leagues for seniors. Read about Bentonville, AR is a Swimmers Hub here.

Great Day Skate Place

With a designated family day and a fast night for more experienced skaters, Great Day Skate Place is suitable for all ages. The facility is also available to rent for parties or group gatherings.

Bentonville’s Ominous Haunted House

Bentonville’s Ominous Haunted House is a horror attraction that features a large costumed cast and various scenes, set pieces, and special effects. Priding itself on being a homemade, backwoods attraction, it mixes scares with a touch of humor.