Bentonville, AR is A Thrill Seekers City

Thrilling Activities in Bentonville, AR

While most people may only prefer the calm side of fun, others can never help but wish to make their hearts race in awe and surprises in between. Well, as you may wish, Bentonville is one of the places to have fun both in thrilling and exciting ways. Of course, the choice of whatever you wish to do is all yours, but for the adrenaline side, consider the following: Bentonville, AR information can be seen at this link.

Melvin Ward Aquatic Center

With a 50-meter competition pool that’s great for laps and recreational swimming and a one-foot-deep wading pool and raindrop fountain that’s perfect for young kids, there is more for fun here. If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, you can try their 13-foot diving well with two one-meter diving boards. Click here to read about Bentonville, AR is Bountiful with Parks.

Bike Riding

Well, if you want to know why some bicycles are known as mountain bikes, your answer could be lying right here in Bentonville. This city full of trails and open spaces for bike riding is where you can enjoy a full thrilling experience. Some of the trails and roads are not friendly for the non-pros and calls for the risk and need to prove your skills. If you feel you are up to the challenge, you can get that thrilly feel this way.