Bentonville, AR is a Shoppers Paradise

Savvy Shopping Experience in Bentonville, AR

A perfect trip is never complete without a little of some shopping. In Bentonville, shopping is no ordinary experience as it serves you to choices of endless places and things to buy. Whether you are looking for that rare gift for your loved one, a tapestry item to rock an event, or a fresh product to restock your home, the following places are the top choices to consider. Learn more here.

8th Street Market

Located in the heart of the Market District, about a half-mile from the center of town, the 8th Street Market is a wonderful community-focused food center. There is a culinary school, restaurants, a brewpub, and Markham & Fit, which are a chocolate factory, a dessert bar, and a cafe. The Brown Sugar Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies are to die for. See here for information about Bentonville, AR is A Nature Wonderworld.

Bizzy B’s Correction

With its bright blue walls and its decadent selection of cupcakes, pies, and European-style pastries, Bizzy B’s Bakery is the ideal place for a mid-day snack break. The chefs and cake decorators are truly passionate about what they do, and there’s always a special new creation or two in the display case.

Bentonville Farmers Market

Mid-April to October, the farmer’s market rolls into town. And with it brings farmers, ranchers, and artisans to the city square. Here you can browse and purchase local produce, meats, and crafts that all the producers have been working hard to grow and make.