Bentonville, AR is a Pet-Friendly City

Dog-Friendly Activities in Bentonville, AR

The world today is getting more sensitive on matters of pets and especially dogs. While some cities have strict rules, others like Bentonville have relaxed rules guiding interaction and having fun with fluffy friends. So, when you are a proud owner of a lovely dog and looking to have fun together, here are a few activities to pursue. Click here for facts about Bentonville, AR.

Attend a Bark Bash Event

This free event brings dog owners and lovers together with local vendors under one roof! Shop pet-friendly products and crafts, talk to local rescue and adoption agencies, and socialize with other dogs and their owners. Information about Bentonville, AR is a Foodies City can be found here.

Dine at Airship 

The airship is known for its coffee regionally, but locals know them as one of Bentonville’s most dog-friendly coffee shops. Their garage doors remain open most of the time, allowing dogs indoors in addition to the off-leash, fenced-in areas, complete with picnic tables. We often see people taking meetings here so that they can bring their dogs!

Walk at Crystal Bridges Trail

A lovely shaded walk that can be as easy or difficult as you’d like. There are a few different trails, with plenty of art along the way to enjoy. Bikers frequent these trails, so keep the leashes tight and be courteous of other walkers/cyclists.