Bentonville, AR is a Hub of Water Fun

Enjoying Water-Related Activities in Bentonville, AR

Having fun around a water body can be as refreshing as spending time anywhere else. Probably, even better off than even spending time within a normal park. Most lakes and rivers usually have this relaxed and serene environment, making them perfect spots to do more than just swimming and fishing. Bentonville is a proud host to some of the biggest lakes in Arkansas, with Lake Bentonville and Beaver Lake being the nearest. Within and around them, here are some of the activities you will be sure to enjoy. Information can be found here.


Swimming is one of the activities everyone will want to enjoy in any water body. This is especially true during seasons like summer when the only need you may want to accomplish is to cool off the sun and relax afterward. Lake Bentonville is the best place for such fun.  Read about Bentonville, AR is An Outdoor Palace here. 

Boat Riding

While Beaver Lake may be tacked a distance away from Bentonville city center, it is also a critical fun area you should consider. Many marinas will rent motorized boats on the lake, but there is only one stand up paddle boarding operator on the lake known as SUP Outfitters