Bentonville, AR Is a Historical City 

Historical Sites in Bentonville, AR

You might not know it, but the Bentonville area includes several locations listed in the National Register of Historic Places. So, when you are a true history buff and looking to indulge in some real fun sampling the city’s past, here are the top areas to check on. Learn more here.

Downtown Square

Downtown Bentonville is perhaps one of the most eventful locations in the Bentonville area. In addition to providing the typical downtown feel, the downtown area also includes entertainment for all members of your family no matter what time of year you plan to visit. Learn more about Bentonville, AR is a Pet-Friendly City.

Peel Mansion

If you’re more into historical locations, Peel Mansion may be a more appropriate destination for you and your family. When you visit Peel Mansion, you’ll be experiencing Bentonville as it was hundreds of years ago. Peel Mansion was once home to Samuel W. Peel, a local Congressman and businessman in the late 1800s.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave

The Old Spanish Treasure Cave is one of the unique historic locations in the Bentonville area. The cave is supposedly linked to the Spanish Conquistadors, who trekked through the Bentonville area seeking treasure over 350 years ago.