Bentonville, AR is a Foodies City 

International Cuisine Experience in Bentonville, AR

When it comes to food, Bentonville has a lot to offer. And far from the ordinary expectation of classic American food, the dishes to expect in this historic town go beyond the American styles. So, from wherever part of the globe you are from and need a taste of some nice food, here are the top choices to consider. See more here.


Honestly, not every city serves its people seafood. But Bentonville is so unlike those that do not and brings you endless areas and ways to enjoy these rare dishes. The Flying Fish is a casual eatery that specializes in delicious seafood dishes with a Cajun twist. The menu offers everything from fried catfish to crab legs to grilled salmon; hamburgers and salads are available for anyone who’s not in the mood for seafood. Read about Bentonville, AR is A Thrill Seekers City here. 


One thing about coffee is that people believe that the hotels’ taste better, sweeter, and nice. In Bentonville, if you are looking to enjoy some coffee for breakfast or in the evening during your torus, the choices on where to go are endless. However, a visit to Onyx Coffee Lab will serve you specialty espresso drinks, tap beers, and a small selection of quick bites.