Bentonville, AR is A Festive City 

Entertaining Festivals in Bentonville, AR

Festivals are fun activities that bring people together. And it is only natural to say that most people can never help but wish to visit towns with a lineup of such activities all year long. Bentonville is not any different and when you are a real enthusiast to this side of fun, consider some of these festivals as the best to never miss! Information can be found here.

Bentonville Film Festival

Founded in 2015 by actress Geena Davis, the Bentonville Film Festival is an annual event that draws crowds from Arkansas and the surrounding area. Although there are plenty of film festivals worldwide each year, the Bentonville Film Festival stands out from the crowd thanks to its focus on diversity. See here for information about Bentonville, AR is Chockfull of Museums.

Bentonville Running Festival

The Bentonville Running Festival hosts the Bentonville Half Marathon each spring and sees over 3,500 runners annually. It begins and ends in downtown Bentonville Square. Half Marathon route winds through tree-lined streets, quaint residential neighborhoods, city parks, and finishes on Bentonville’s incredible urban trail. The route is a loop.

Food Festivals

The newly opened 8th Street Market, located in the Downtown Market District, is home to an ever-growing list of new festivals and events, including the two-day Bite NWA food festival and the World Champion Squirrel Cook-off held annually.