Bella Vista, Arkansas – One of the Best Communities in Arkansas

Bella Vista, Arkansas, is one of the best-planned communities in Arkansas. The community is strategically located between the Ozark Mountains and the Great Depression. Bella Vista is named for the beautiful lake on which the community sits. While there are many attractions in Bella Vista, the most famous one is the Sear’s Restaurant, which was immortalized in the motion picture “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” Visit this link for more information.

Bella Vista features some of the unique homes to be found anywhere. Overlooked by the majestic Ozark Mountains, the area is home to various unique residents, including retired Gen. Lewis “Tex” Sheets and his family. The sheet’s family has maintained their home for the last three generations, and it is one of the few houses left standing that is part of an original set of homes built in the Ozark Mountains in the early twenties. Another notable resident is a lawyer and former Arkansas governor Jerry Rawlings, who lives in a townhome overlooking the Ozark Mountains. Rawlings, who is known for his love of outdoor pursuits, including elk hunting and fishing, enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors watching as many geese as possible. Read about Bella Vista, Arkansas – Great Places to See on Your Trip here.¬†

These destinations represent the best of the Arkansas Mountains and the best of the southern United States. The Outdoor Receptionist selects Bella Vista because it offers both a relaxing mountain retreat experience and an outdoor resort retreat experience. Each of these unique settings allows guests to relax and unwind, reconnect with their loved ones, or enjoy themselves without worrying about the other problems that they may have in their life. Bella Vista, Arkansas, is one of the most popular southern Arkansas destination towns.