Bella Vista, Arkansas – Great Places to See on Your Trip

Bella Vista, Arkansas, a little northwestern of Little Rock, is a beautiful part of Arkansas. Originally established as a summer vacation resort, Bella Vista has tweaked and evolved to become an Arkansas destination of choice. It offers many beautiful attractions and sights that will delight any traveler, no matter their interests. There are several main areas of Bella Vista, all with their unique flair. More about Bentonville, AR can be seen here.

The heart of Bella Vista is its historic Riverfront area. This area features both an Arkansas River and a network of canals that run throughout the town. It creates an atmosphere of easy transportation accessibility, as you can simply take a boat or other boat method of travel to any part of the area you desire to visit. Click here to read about Bella Vista, Arkansas – A Desirable Place to VIsit.

Bella Vista’s town is the perfect place to visit for tourists who desire a taste of modern civilization. Bella Vista’s area in this region still has much of its original era’s charm and history. Shops here cater to various interests and tastes, with one-stop shopping being a trendy choice among shoppers.  In addition to the historical attractions, the area offers a wide range of shopping options. Other Bella Vista, Arkansas, you should not miss the world-famous Riverboat Casino and the Grand Targhee Ski Resorts.