Avoca, Arkansas – A Living Legend

Avoca, Arkansas, is a cosmopolitan city in Benton County, Arkansas. The county itself is named after an early Dutch settlement of the same name established in 1734. The original settlement was located on the Arkansas River, and today it is one of the oldest cities in Arkansas. Learn more here. 

The city was incorporated in 1974 and had been bustling with activity ever since. One of the oldest communities in the area, Avoca boasts a central location to all the area attractions. There are numerous businesses in this dynamic city and several recreational options for residents who enjoy working and leisurely living. Avoca’s most popular recreation venue is the Little Rock Railroad, which runs along the Arkansas River. This city has many attractions for tourists and residents. There are five golf courses, two large community colleges, two professional sports teams, and many recreation options. If you want to enjoy a slower pace, you can live in the historic district of Avoca, which is on the landmark Arkansas River.  Avoca is also known for being the home of the “Dollywood” movie studios. Avoca has many beautiful landmarks and historical buildings, and if you are looking for a nice place to raise your family, you may want to consider moving to this town. Learn more about Become One With Nature on a Trip to Rogers, Arkansas.

One of the largest retirement communities in the area, Avoca has maintained its charm year after year. Many elderly individuals pass through this community every day to visit their favorite doctor and dentist. The nursing home there is one of the finest in the state. Avoca is also close to two other retirement communities in the city.