Attributes of Bentonville, AR 

About Bentonville, AR

Best known as the Walmart chain’s birthplace, Bentonville has blossomed into a booming town with plenty of cultural and culinary attractions. Despite the town’s relatively small size, it offers everything from beautiful parks and trails to world-class art and history museums. So, what exactly defines this North Arkansas town better?  Learn more facts here.

Cultural Attractions

If there were one thing to define Bentonville better than anything else, it could be its cultural attractions. Well, every city has a bit of its history and bountiful ways of learning about its past, but Bentonville is way different. From museums, history centers, landmarks, and other iconic spots to define the city, you will never experience anything short of the city’s culture and historical perspective. You will want to visit Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Walmart Museum for this side of fun. Read about Bentonville, AR is Chockfull of Breweries here. 

Nature Interactions

Another attribute worth noting about Bentonville is the miles and miles of natural setups, which are not only attractive but are fun-filled. So, whether it is a park, garden, river, lake, mountain, or just anything in between, no doubt you will interact with all manner of amazing natural provisions. The choices on where to head to are endless, and just as you will want it, the ultimate choice is all yours.