A Backpacker’s Guide to Hiwasse, Arkansas

Hiwasse is a small city on the Arkansas-Texas border. The name Hiwasse (pronounced “Hi-way”) is derived from an old Spanish fort. Hiwasse is now one of Arkansas’ most populated cities, housing a total of about seven hundred and seventy-two people. The second-largest city in the county is Pine Knoll, with a population of about three hundred and thirty. Both cities are accessible by road, but access to the Arkansas-Texas line is required. Clicking here will deliver more on Bentonville, AR.

Hiwasse, Arkansas, has been called “the most southern mountain city in the South.” There is great history in this northwestern Arkansas town. Hiwasse is a local creek that provides many activities for both the young and old. You will find many historical attractions, museums, art galleries, and outdoor activities. The Arkansas Tourism commission has preserved many historical sites and buildings. The National Metalifer museum, one of the largest collections of metal artifacts globally, is in Fort Smith; the Pigeon Forge historic district, home to the Pigeon Forge LightHouse, is the Arkansas Genealogical Museum in Little Rock, also near Wilberforce. The main town of Hiwasse is a small northwestern community in the Ozark Mountains. Information about Make the Most of Your Trip to Hiwasse, Arkansas can be found here. 

Hiwasse, Arkansas, History Center is on State Street, even near downtown. The Hiwasse, Arkansas, History Center has interactive exhibits, video clips, and extensive public records collection. Also, the community features seasonal golfing, fishing, hunting, history, art, specialty shops, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts. The Arkansas tourism commission has a website, as well as a telephone number and fax number. The area has many attractions, including a movie theater, bowling alley, public parks, hiking trails, and an Arkansas Mineral Springs Park.